Novus Endpoint Affiliate Program

Earn supplemental income

The Novus Endpoint Affiliate Program helps you earn supplemental income when you submit endpoint opportunities for Novus to fulfill.

About the program

Novus has developed an Endpoint Affiliate Program solely for Microsoft Partners. Upon request, we will engage the end-user directly; provide demo units, remote training/tech support, delivery and installation (when required) of the Lync endpoints.  Novus will rebate back to the respective Partner money for each endpoint sold into the account.

We expect that the Partner remain fully engaged in the process to further strengthen their relationship and to learn more about the numerous endpoints available. While active engagement is preferred, it is not mandatory to obtain the benefit. We believe the Novus Endpoint Affiliate Program provides all Microsoft Partners an option to realize revenue that may have been lost.

Reasons to participate

Often, the enduser is left to their own devices when making decisions on endpoint purchases for a variety of reasons including but not limited to:

  • Reluctance on the part of the Partner to sell hardware
  • Help your customers realize the full potential of their Microsoft Lync employing Enterprise Voice. Taking advantage of the Novus Endpoint Affiliate Program will do just that and allow you to concentrate on higher revenue producing opportunities.
  • Unfamiliarity by either the end user and/or Partner with the available endpoint options
  • In some Partners eyes, endpoints have become so advanced that the time necessary to acquire expert knowledge can be utilized in a more productive manner. At Novus, it is our goal to help build that knowledge base while enabling Partners to obtain as much potential revenue as possible.
  • Microsoft Partner lacking experience and expertise selling voice solutions
  • As a trusted advisor—if your expertise does not extend to selling voice solutions, you can introduce clients for those opportunities to Novus. Novus has a 30+ year history supporting voice solutions and manufacturer channels. If the opportunity results in a transaction, your company earns money for any endpoint Novus sells into the account while looking after their best interests. Full featured Lync Enterprise Voice enhanced with traditional PBX features is brought to life with Novus as your trusted partner.
  • The restrictive margin on hardware opportunities does not warrant the time or effort required
  • At Novus, we realize in today’s competitive market hardware margins are under significant pressure. While we prefer to make sales to the respective Microsoft Partners who then resell into the channel, we realize that the market does not always reward channel integrity. Internet marketplaces and unauthorized distributors often will sell to anyone and everyone, reducing the perceived value of you, the Microsoft Partner. Don’t forfeit the supplemental income that comes from hardware sales; take advantage of the Novus Endpoint Affiliate Program!

Become eligible for referral fees

To be eligible, your organization must meet the following requirements:

  • Be an authorized Microsoft Partner
  • Engage Novus. Understanding the unique and specific needs of the client will help the Microsoft Partner, Novus and end client choose the correct devices.
  • Sign the Novus Lead Referral agreement with new lead information (before a transaction takes place).
  • Submit only new opportunities, those not previously known to Novus. Novus will inform the Microsoft Partner if an opportunity has been previously registered to receive benefits from the program. While we will not name the Partner who has previously registered the opportunity, we will provide the date when the opportunity was first registered.
  • If more than one submission is received for the same opportunity, the first eligible submission receives priority for the referral fee.
  • Novus will not share any information previously obtained. All information obtained is kept in strict confidentiality between Novus and respective Microsoft Partner.


All qualified and optimized Microsoft endpoints covered under this agreement. Please refer to the Microsoft Hardware Catalog for eligible products.

  • Currently, eligible devices for the Novus Endpoint Affiliate Program are limited to IP Desk Phones, Meeting Room Devices, Audio and Visual Devices (headsets/cameras). You will receive updates as new products are added to the portfolio.


  • Devices not qualified and/or optimized under the Microsoft Hardware Catalog
  • Revenues derived from labor, installation and/or maintenance associated with the endpoints is not covered under this program
  • Technical support and professional service revenues are not covered under the program

How to submit your leads

  1. Go to the Novus Lead Referral website.
  2. Enter information about the prospective customer and endpoint opportunity. Some of the fields are mandatory; others are optional. The higher the quality of the information submitted, the more likely a partner will pursue the opportunity, and that your organization will earn the referral fee.
  3. After you have submitted the requested information, you will receive a confirmation and a referral ID.
  4. A transaction must occur within 12 months of the submission date, modifications and/or extensions to the opportunity will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Any extension to an opportunity will be provided in writing to the Partner.

Download Novus Endpoint Affiliate Program Agreement

Questions may be sent to:
Terms and conditions do apply and can be found on the agreement page
Revenue schedule for endpoints can be found on the agreement page
Novus Endpoint Affiliate Program is effective January 3rd, 2013